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Hanging rods are the pinnacle of any wardrobe. Knowing the length of your various garments, means you can decide how much long hanging and singular hanging you need. As singular hanging is used for items such as T-shirts, shirts, blouses etc, in most circumstance you can use 2 single hanging spaces in 1 module, essentially doubling your hanging space.

Shelves are a staple item to use in your wardrobe. Not only are they used to fix hangers to, they are great for people who like to fold. Ideal for jumpers, cardigans or being more decorative by housing hats, bags and bedroom items. Our shelves can take a substantial amount of weight as well.


Glass Shelves
In addition to our wooden shelves, glass shelves add a really luxurious aesthetic to the inside of any wardrobe. These shelves can be a great alternative for placing your special purchases on. Due to glass shelves being thinner than wooden ones, you may also be able to feature more inside.

Drawers provide a handy way to store clothes you don’t need or want on display. Perfect for nightwear, gym wear, or any other garment that you prefer to fold and put away. Consider using floor sitting drawers if you want to use up more space for them. Suspended drawers can allow for space underneath which go well with placing shoes or boxes on the base of the wardrobe.


Cubbies offer a way to compartmentalize your items. Great for storing scarves, hats or if you want a dedicated space for individual folded garments. If you need as much space as possible, a standard shelf might be better to maximize your stacking capability.

Trouser Rack
Trouser racks are the ideal pull out accessory for providing an easy and tidy way of hanging your trousers. As our trouser racks have a fixed amount of rods, these are beneficial for larger wardrobes but you may get more out of a regular hanger if you have lots of trousers.


Skirt Rack
Just like their trouser counterpart, skirt racks provide a straightforward yet decorative way of hanging your skirts. The clips allow you to easily take your skirts off the rail and put them back.

Use a pull out hamper to store bunched up socks, scarves or even clothing to be cleaned. Hampers are useful for items that don’t necessarily need to be stored away neatly, but still need there own space in the wardrobe.


Trinket Trays
Whether placed in a drawer or pull out tray, our trinket boxes are great for storing all of your jewelry. You’ll be able to store you items with dedicated trays tailored to the item, such as watches, necklaces, rings & earrings and more. You can also use divided trays or boxes to keep your belts or ties in place.

Depending on your door type, adding a mirror to your wardrobe provides an extra useful function. On hinged door wardrobes, a mirror can be placed on the inside of one of the doors. For sliding door wardrobes or open wardrobes, we can use a pull out swivel mirror that is conveniently pulled out from one of the sides or partitions.


If you have a larger module, using a partitions lets you create inner divided space inside. Internal partitions can be used in a variety of ways, when needing to create separate storage spaces within one wardrobe module. Good examples are a mix of shelving and hanging areas, or having smaller sets of drawers.

Shoe Racks
As the name suggests, using dedicated shoe racks lets you place and display your finest footwear proudly. You can choose inclined shoe shelves or pull out shoe racks, depending on how many shoes you need to store and if you want them to be nestled away or on display.


Glass Lighted Shelves
These shelves are truly elegant and luxurious. Store your most treasured items in style with one of these glass shelves, featuring integrated led light to illuminate the surrounding space.

Using interior lighting really brings your wardrobe to life. Vertical lights can be used to light up an entire module, whilst shelf lighting can be used to light up specific area such as hanging spaces. Either solution will add a practical feature to your wardrobe, whilst making it look the business!